Quick answer: Cupolex is a patented forming system for foundations and slabs that lowers construction costs.

Better answer: Cupolex is an aerated slab-on-grade floor system that is superior structurally; reduces quanitites of concrete, reinforcing, and fill; provides a passive under-slab ventilation system to vent radon and other harmful gases, contributes up to 5 LEED points, and can reduce construction costs by up to $10.00 a square foot or more. Click here to learn more about Cupolex.

Wright Engineers is the exclusive structural engineer for Cupolex throughout the US through its alliance with Pontarolo Engineering of Italy, developer of Cupolex, and Envirogroup Limited headquartered in Colorado.

Cupolex is a low cost way to vent harmful gases (top).

Cupolex uses ancient arch design principals, and millions of square feet of it have been in use worldwide for decades, yet some may be reluctant to consider Cupolex because it's "so new" (middle).

Design of "old school" systems uses a complicated network of piping set in gravel, a giant rubberized blanket called a "liquid boot", and a legion of electric fans to "suck" the vapor out. Cupolex eliminates all of this (bottom).

March 2011 Wright e-News