Christmas 2000

This was the last year I drew all our staff as red-suited elves - we were just getting too big.

When Can We Expect You Back?

It takes a really good meeting to be better than no meeting at all. This is an example of a meeting I would classify as "really good".

A Revised Version of the Revisions We're Currently Revising

This one was drawn nearly 10 years ago. I got the idea from a sign I saw posted in an office that said something to this effect.
Some projects feel like this.

Taking Tilt-Up A Bit Too Far

When my friend Scott Dawes, construction manager for the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas saw this cartoon, he immediately emailed me to say I should have thought of this earlier...
...and to inform me that the crane's couterweight was much too small.
This one accompanied an article in the May 2000 Wright Stuff that listed several tilt-up rules of thumb useful for architects, developers, and contractors.

Need A Few More Days For Observations

I would never ask one of my staff to do something I wouldn't be willing to do myself.
This one went with an article in our March 2000 Wright Stuff about one of our projects in Hawaii. I just didn't feel right sending anyone else to visit the job site.

Historic Preservation?

In early 2000 I was hired by the city of Reno as a structural expert to evaluate the historic Mapes Hotel. The city felt the building should be demolished, but some concerned citizens wanted it preserved and restored as a historical landmark.
February 2000 Wright Stuff

A Minor Y2K Glitch

This was drawn for our January 2000 Wright Stuff right after we all discovered on New Years morning that all the Y2K hype was just hype.