May 1, 2017

Where'd I Leave My Glasses?

I never thought this would be me...  Funny how life surprises you as you get older. When my kids were younger, I could blame them for misplacing whatever it was I was looking for. Most of the time they had nothing to do with it. Now that the kids are all moved out, I'm resigned to accept the fact that it's my own fault.

Credit for this one comes from Doug Evans, PE who came up with the idea.  Doug's email:
"For years, I wondered why something I knew I had and was searching all over the place for was always in the last place I looked.  I finally figured it out.  Once I find it, I ain't stupid enough to continue looking for it.  Well, even an engineer can be a little slow sometimes.  Just to prove myself wrong, one time I found what I was looking for and continued looking for it."