Feb 12, 2019

Online vs. Reality

This guy may hold a clue to why some of your Instagram friends have such a perfect life.  Experts say nearly two thirds of us feel inadequate when we compare our lives to others online ...and keeping up with perfect friends is expensive and difficult--until now.  I've found an easy solution for those who would rather avoid the trouble of actually living a perfect life: LifeFaker.com* where their slogan is "Life isn't perfect. Your profile should be".  LifeFaker offers enviable pictures you can buy and post as your own.  I'm considering their "I Own All The Things" package.

*(LifeFaker.com is actually seeking to raise awareness of the negative impact social media can have on our mental health, and if you try to buy a photo package you'll be redirected to a different site that talks about unhealthy social media behaviors and how to change them.)