Dec 4, 2019

The Needles Are Gone - It's Perfect!

Just another typical trip to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.  I learned long ago to leave this job to my wife.

There are endless jokes online mocking the quirks of us humble engineers.  But in our defense, we can't help it - it's how we're wired.  When we walk into a building, you'll see us admiring the roof structure, not the decor.  We don't see a glass as half empty - it's just twice as large as it needs to be. 

Then there's the story about the engineer who was admiring another engineer's new bike.  "Where did you get it?" he asked.  The other engineer replied, "I was just sitting there minding my own business when this woman rode up, threw down the bike, tore off her clothes, and said, 'take what you want'".  The first engineer nodded in approval. "Good choice!," he said, "The clothes probably wouldn't have fit."