Apr 2, 2020

Ask the Experts: Social Distancing Tip #42

No doubt more than one basement-bound 30-something nerd is pointing to the COVID-19 Stay at Home order as another excuse to extend his stay in his parent's basement.  I know - there are legitimate reasons why some adults live with their parents.  But this guy's an engineer, so a lack of sufficient income is probably not the reason.  Maybe it's the fully stocked fridge, his mom's home cooking, or the free unlimited high-speed internet for his video games?  I recommend his mom swaps those fluffy slippers for some steel-toed shoes and gives him the boot.

[Credit for this one goes to David Winn.  His email to me said, "I was on the phone with a client yesterday and he commented that we should put out a list of social distancing tips from engineers since we are so good at it."  He then gave me a list of brilliant cartoon ideas that I've attempted to recreate here.]