Apr 4, 2020

Ask The Experts: Social Distancing Tip # 44

They say you can tell an engineer is an extrovert if he looks at your shoes instead of his own when he talks to you.

Introverted and socially awkward may be the stereotype, but most engineers I know do just fine in social situations - whether or not they enjoy it.  Just get a bunch of us engineers together and we'll all insist that we have exemplary interpersonal skills (as we hardly glance at our shoes).

Early in my engineering career at a white elephant Christmas gift exchange, the most stereotypical-looking engineer in the room suddenly mounted a broom and began slapping his rear and galloping around the table.  This inspired a spontaneous chain reaction of engineers all mounting imaginary brooms and following suit. I about fell off my chair with surprise.  This was no result of over-indulgence in spiked eggnog as no alcohol had been served. It confirmed to me then what I already felt: that beneath that introverted mild-mannered engineer exterior just might be a wild party animal yearning to break free.

[Credit for this one goes to David Winn.  His email to me said, "I was on the phone with a client yesterday and he commented that we should put out a list of social distancing tips from engineers since we are so good at it."  He then gave me a list of brilliant cartoon ideas that I've attempted to recreate here.]