Christmas 2004

I thought it would be fun to show the cross-section of a house just before Santa arrives. As in past cards, my face peers through a cut-out on the cover.

Japanese Style Load Testing

In early 2004 we inked a deal with a Japanese home builder to provide engineering services for their new "American-style" single-family homes. As part of the deal, we traveled to Tokyo to meet with their executive team and provide their engineers with some training. In our down time, we toured the country and topped off the trip with a climb to the top of 12,388 foot Mt. Fuji.

A Quick Demo

We often have suppliers and manufacturers who come to our office to give a demo of their product to our engineers. This particular "demo" went bad.

Try The Escape Button

If only all of life's problems could be fixed by hitting escape, undo, backspace, or delete, or by simply shutting down and re-starting.

A Surprise Visit From OSHA

I thought it would be hilarious to show a superintendent who misunderstood a phone message tipping him off about a surprise visit from OSHA standing on the job site trying to explain to the straight-faced OSHA inspectors why he's dressed for the beach.