Your Call is Very Important to Us

"I just love your automated phone answering system!", said no one ever.

Long menus that don't have an option that matches your problem, put on hold forever, being asked for the same information over and over, and dropped calls before you ever speak to an actual human...everyone hates them.

I know - businesses use it to save money.  But unless people have no other option, I wonder how many frustrated, angry, lost potential customers it takes to more than pay for the cost of a receptionist.

...the Revised Design

Good design requires the right people to do it, along with adequate time and budget.  A low-budget or rush design may still "work", but all too often problems during construction, change orders, and delays can make the final cost of the project many times greater than any up-front savings in design fee.

I've seen many well-intentioned but misguided souls willing to invest millions in their project, who believe they're saving money by skimping on the design phase.  It's a lesson that usually only has to be learned once - the hard way - but eventually everyone discovers that the bitterness of poor design remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.