All I Want For Christmas...

It's funny how the Great Recession has changed things. These days we're thrilled with the prospect of doing a project that just a few short years ago we would have turned up our nose at and sent on to our competition down the road.
December 2010 Wright e-News

The "Special" Inspector

Wright Engineers is providing engineering services for the Las Vegas Mob Museum. Our scope of services did not include design of concrete boots.
October 2010 Wright e-News

Pee Vee or Something

Wright Engineers was part of a design-build team under contract to convert all of the facilities on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay to solar electricity. As part of our services, some of our engineers have had to climb all over the buildings. I wondered what it would be like if one of them was "caught" and treated as an Alcatraz escapee.

July 2010 Wright e-News

Build - Then Design

Sort of like the "ready, fire! aim" approach to construction...

Many of the public projects these days are design-build, a good project delivery method if the construction and design teams partner well together. By having the design team and the construction team collaborate from the start, the final design can perform better, be easier to build, and cost less.

No matter how heated the rush to "git 'er dun", I've never seen a build-then-design approach that didn't end in disappointment.

Rush The Rush Job

I love the post office scene in the Jim Carrey movie The Grinch where the postmaster is frantically receiving packages at the counter, stamping them as "RUSH" or "HECKUVA RUSH", and then tossing them back over his shoulder.

With the instant responses that seem to be expected these days via phone, text, or email, almost everything is a "heckuva rush".

April 2010 Wright e-News

Calling In Life

I visited my daughter Anjuli's 2nd grade class recently (she's the teacher, not a student) to explain what an engineer does and help the students build towers with paper cups, Popsicle sticks and tin foil. All of the students were bright and very cute...
...and more like the kid on the right.

The Right Brain

You wouldn't know it by a lot of the cartoons I've drawn (including this one), but I really do hate the stereotype of the nerdy, pencil-neck number-crunching engineer with thick glasses and an undeveloped right brain. Yet, here I go again, advancing the engineer geek stereotype in another cartoon.
Though many engineers do seem to have a relatively undeveloped creative right brain when compared with their analytical left brain, the best engineers are both very analytical and highly creative.
For comparison, I have included a scale drawing of my own brain scan in Figure 4.

Hanging Ducks

Despite protests from some activists, the building code still says it's perfectly legal to hang your duck.
(It is, however, a code violation to pinch it.)
January 2010 Wright e-news
No ducks were harmed in the making of this cartoon

We've Decided Not To Participate Again

With the recession still in full swing at the beginning of 2010, I modified our 2009 Happy New Year card and sent it out again. I hope it will not be necessary to recycle this same cartoon in 2011.