A Revised Version of the Revisions

Every so often we get a project where the seemingly constant design changes don't end until the building is occupied and the builder has packed up and left the site.

I Did It Just Like You Showed

This one was inspired by my partner Scott Jones who sent me a photo of a project where the contractor thought the delta cloud on the drawings meant to cut a cloud-shaped hole through the floor slab.

And We'll Need it Yesterday

We can complete a project that's due yesterday without a lot of trouble. Getting it done much sooner than that can be a problem.

That's How It's Shown

A good set of construction documents can help make a project go smoothly. A confusing set (or a confused contractor) can cause some real trouble.

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You'll Have to Go Through Me

Sometimes the only way to get what you need is to go through Helen Back.

(...not to be confused with her equally helpful co-worker Helen Waite.)

It's An Engineer!

Inspiration came when our oldest son and his wife came over to play the ultrasound video of what would be our fifth grandchild. It's a boy! ...and maybe he'll follow in the footsteps of his grandpa.