Just Sign Here

It's amazing the ridiculously unfair contract terms some companies try to demand that their consultants and subs agree to - things like:
"[insert your name here] shall take all liability and be responsible for any and all costs for anything and everything bad that could possibly happen, even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with anything done by [insert your name here], blah blah blah ten pints of blood blah blah blah pound of flesh blah blah blah firstborn child blah blah blah hand over everything you own..."

Do It Yourself Engineering

No matter the project, if the goal is an economical design and the assurance that the building will actually work as intended, you should retain the services of a reputable architect and engineer. The relatively small price for quality design is money well spent.
I've seen many well intentioned but seriously misguided souls willing to invest millions in their project, who believe they'll "save money" by having their nephew who took high school drafting draw the plans and then hiring the cheapest engineer they can find.
For more on why cheap engineering is not cheap, click here.

Request For Proposal

We are asked to propose a lot. As far as I know, no one in my office has misunderstood this badly.

See It My Way

Sometimes on Friday afternoons I begin to get "eye trouble" - I just can't see staying at the office. If there are glasses to correct that particular vision problem, I don't want them.