Our Hearts Are Up A Size And A Half

The Grinch with Jim Carrey is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the line when Grinch and his dog Max are trudging back to his cave carrying a few bags of toxic waste with a "fantastic" stench that have just spewed from the spigot high on Mount Crumpet. Grinch turns to Max and says something like, "we'll come back later and get the rest. Of course, when I say we, I mean you!"

That's a line that has served me well many times.

Will Build For Food

One time back when Wright Engineers had just opened its doors, as a joke I had a baseball cap embroidered with our logo on the front and "Will Calc' For Food" embroidered across the back.

This is another editorial-type cartoon inspired by the Great Recession.

Someone Have A Broken Rafter?

I advise everyone who goes on a wilderness excursion to be sure to have a structural engineer close by for just such an emergency. Should you find yourself up a creek without a paddle, a having a contractor along would also be a good idea.

Then These People Showed Up

My thanks to activists and protesters everywhere for providing the inspiration.
No fur-bearing animals were harmed in the making of this cartoon. We do not test our cartoons on animals.

Old School Hybrid Technology

This particular hybrid technology was originally invented by Fred Flintstone back when impending global cooling was the concern.

Why the Price Difference?

Some naïve people incorrectly assume that if choosing the "lowest bidder" is a good way to save money when selecting a plumber, then using the "cheapest engineer" will also save money. More often than not, though, saving pennies with cheap engineering actually increases the bottom-line cost of the project.

April 2008 Wright e-news


Size 12 Pumps

I'm just a humble structural engineer, so I'm not sure if there is such as a thing as a size 12 pump - but there ought to be.

The New Corporate Brand

You always want to make sure you thoroughly test your new brand internally before unveiling it to the public.
.February 2008 Wright e-news