Years 'Til Retirement

The average age most Americans think they'll retire is now 66 and moving up.  Sometimes I wonder is this guy could be me!  Good thing I love what I do.  Let's hope by then there are self-driving autonomous wheel chairs.

Cider Security Expert

It's all over the news. We need more cyber security! Russians hack DNC emails. A billion Yahoo accounts are compromised. Hundreds of hackers crammed in sweat shops working for nation states, terrorist groups and crime syndicates. It's like a war.

... and we need a no-nonsense guy like this to protect us.

Work From Home

I know lots of people do it, but I've never worked from home so I can only assume that this cartoon is accurate.  I do know that if I worked from home I'd be dressed verrrrry comfortably - like this guy (minus the tie).  Let's just hope they don't ask him to stand up and introduce himself to the team.

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Working Like a Dog

Where the heck did the term "work like a dog" come to mean working really hard?  With the exception of sled dogs and some service animals, I've never seen man's best friend actually work all that hard. On the other hand, most dogs are really good at playing hard, which is usually followed by a good nap.  I can relate to that.

Sleep Mode

It's hard to blame this guy.  Sleep mode, low energy windows, zero energy homes and offices, energy saver mode... makes me tired just thinking about it.  Why don't they have a "high energy" mode or a "stand back 'cause this thing's about to go crazy" mode on that stuff?  Just think of the increase in productivity - after a heavy lunch or about 3:00 in the afternoon or on Fridays, hit that high energy mode button and everyone in the office instantly feels like they just drank a quart of Red Bull.

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Flex Space

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's well known that zoning laws require all gyms to be built in flex space.  Just don't tell this guy it's a vanilla shell - probably wouldn't be compatible with his high protein diet.