Voulume's waaaay up!

It feels like we have to compete with this guy a lot more than we should.  He's like the farmer who grew watermelons for $2.00 each, sold them for $1.75, and decided the way he could make more money was to get a bigger truck!  For a bunch of similar cartoons, click on the "Cheap" category link on the right sidebar.

March 2015 Wright eNews
This is a shameless re-use of a cartoon I drew for our May 2003 news.  Now that we have a fleet of inspectors in several states doing all types of inspections, it seemed appropriate to resurrect this one.  I've been told that this cartoon has found its way into the cubicle of more than one inspector.  Success!

February 2015 Wright eNews

Will Knotchange

I'm a believer that to be the best we must continually strive for improvement and that we can't become what we want by remaining what we are.  And it's impossible to improve if we're not open to change.  We all know people who are so blindly confident or set in their ways that they refuse to consider that there may be a better way.  It's even worse if that person pretends to be open to change, but they have no intention of actually following through.  Those people drive me crazy.  This one's for them.

For cartoons of more people like this guy, click here and here. 

January 2015 Wright eNews

Reindeer Games

I've seen enough Christmas shows to know that Santa's elves are always studious and hard at work making toys in the workshop, but the reindeer?  They have nothing to do except for one night a year.

With all that time on their hands, they've got to do something to keep themselves entertained.

December 2014 Wright eNews

Hot Girlfriend

Just trying to spread a little Holiday cheer with some teenage snowman bragging. 

December 2014 Wright eNews

A "Ninjaneer"

Credit for this one goes to Tye Havey, our partner who oversees Wright Engineers' two Arizona offices.  Here's the email exchange:

Tye: Cartoon Idea:  Sometimes I walk quietly  - or come in through a back door - or forget to tell someone when I'm coming or going.  We've started calling me a 'ninja-neer'.  Seems like it could be adapted for a good cartoon somehow.

Me: (with cartoon attached) The fruit of your inspiration.  He does sorta look like you.

Tye: I love it.  And yes, it looks a lot like me in my pajamas :)

All I know is I wouldn't want to mess with an engineer with serious "plan"-chuck skills.

November 2014 Wright eNews